Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little by little

Little by little we are finishing this house. My family would probably like to see what has become of the hours of digging holes and moving rocks that they all participated in.
Here is the walk way with mason jars and pop corn which will probably light the house on fire.
Our crab apple tree just arrived yesterday, which now we need to plant. We have the high grass and trees in the front to create a fence until we get our picket fence, next spring.
we still have to put the mulch in but we had to wait until we fixed all the drip lines. This looks pretty good for mid October in Utah.
Next we'll move inside where we have attempted our own back splash. Thanks to Heather... it looks perfect.

Our walls look pink, but they're yellow.
Here is our mirror that was actually done in August. It started out black, so we primed it, painted it ocean blue and sanded the crap out of it. Later Reuben stepped on the mirror and broke it and then Owen proceeded to take a red marker and add his "design" to the frame. Here it is though, ALL DONE!

This is the only place where we can put anything.
Now onto Owen. These are off our phones, so some aren't that great.
Not sure if he agrees with the quarter back change. He does now though since BYU has won a few games.

Making Aunt Karen proud. He LOVES his popcorn.
After I put on this puff-ball jacket he rolled up one of his pant legs. I felt it needed to be documented.
In the corner thinking of what he wants to destroy next.
In the weeds, watching the trucks build a house.
Super relaxed and actually eating. I'm sure he just sucked on this granola bar as to not consume too many calories.
Signs of a good nap:)
His pass-time.
Happy Halloween!

Owen walks around the house and finds all the binkies he can. He'll shove them all in this mouth if you try to take them away.
Realizing he couldn't make a clean shot, he took his chair and put himself through the hoop.
Hanging out in his chair that matches our couch.

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  1. Your house looks beautiful. I love the blue and yellow on the outside. And Owen is getting big! We all need to get together soon, seriously.