Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was SUPER fun this year. We had my cousin, Jeremy's wedding and all the family was there and then of course Easter. We'll start with Owen's preparations for the big day.

Getting use to the ball. Which is a must if he is going to be a kicker for BYU.

Then onto the wedding. Most of these pictures are for those not in attendance; J,B,Z and H.
Grandma Gin and my mutha
"Done and done!"
Hugs for Hunter
More of them.
There were more but I can't get them off FB. LAME!
Now onto Easter morning. Owen is a little out of his mind because he woke up at 5am.
"Baby food, thanks!"
"Bubbles! My favorite... thing to eat!"
Yogurt bites
"They make my mouth water."
"I like to share."

"People just pick me up and squeeze me all the time, RUDE!"
mom and O

Now it's off to Grandma's to see Julie and Jenny.
Julie and Evynn
Easter egg hunt in the orchard
"I'm thinking if I stare at it long enough it will open."
"Ahhh my egg!"
"I got an egg, I got an egg, I got an egg, hey hey hey HEY!"
"They make noise too. All my hopes and dreams!"
He thought he would give his egg to Grandma and then he took it back.
"I love dogs!"
"Just playin with the toys that my mom use to play with when she was a babe."

Next week will be a doozy. I have trained for two marathons and didn't run those. I have been training for a half marathon and HOPEFULLY I can run it on Saturday. There is just one thing that makes this race complicated which will be discussed later on:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Big boy"

It's been 1 year since I looked like this. Here is Owen's year in review. Watch him grow!

Born at 8:09 weighing in at 6.11 LBS and 21 inches

Owen we love you so much. You are always smiling, determined, and love to figure out new things. You make everyone around you happy. Happy birthday little bug!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference weekend

We always love conference weekend! After my long run I just felt like laying around for 2 days, so it was PERFECT! My friend Shelli and Uncle Ryan came over to watch and eat with us. Owen was sure to entertain to the best of his ability.

Every time the Tabernacle Choir sang he started leading. He does it at church too. Sister Mettra... he's ready to sing along with you again.

He also became quite attached to this little pillow and started to lay himself down. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.
We loved all the great talks and have a renewed motivation to do better.
Owen just woke up and is a little stone face right now.
Trying to show Reuben his 6 teeth!
His new attachment.
Bringing his pillow everywhere he goes.
Owen with his homeless shopping cart and pillow so he can set up shop at whatever corner he stops at.
Happy boy.
He has places to go.
"What, I look homeless? I feel good about that."
"I'm trying to show off my teeth."
"Stop! Nap time!"

"Now I want to eat the camera."