Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reese's blessing

This is Reese's favorite pass time. THANK YOU!
These little feet need to find their way to some Rainbow sandals.
Here are Owen and Bella. Cute little bugs.
Great Grandma Cook and Gin.
Grandma Lou and great Grandma Gin.
Owen singing, "Do as I'm doing."
Grandma, Alli, Grandma and Reesey piece.
Great Grandma Cook and Reese.
Reese and Daddy.
Reese is such a content little bug.
Our family picture:)
Reuben's sister, Rebekah and her family came up for the blessing.
Grandma Lou and Reese
4 generations!
Me and Reesey ball. Cute face Reese.

Her whole face scrunches up when she smiles.

In her blessing, the word, "peaceful" came up quite a bit. What a peacemaker we have. Lucky us!

We are blessed to have such a GREAT baby. She sleeps through the night and doesn't mind the CONSTANT attention from Owen. We love you Reesey.