Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is here!!!

We are very lucky to have such a smiley baby with us. Reese usually sits contently while I chase Owen around the house.

"Yes, that's totally where I left the tape measure."
It was warm one day and then the next, it snowed. We dressed him up in everything he owns and did some serious snow time.
This is deceiving because he hated it.
Maddy, Owen and Alan.
Owen thought if he hid under this, I wouldn't find him.
"Hi, my name is Reese and this is where I wait for my ride to take me to church."
"I even talk with a smile."
Lovely hair day we were having.
We try to go visit our friends, the ducks every morning. They really like Owen's gold fish and try to jump up into the stroller. It's delightful.
Ran out of gel that day, went for the missionary side part.
Just digging for treasure.

"Ha, I'm funny, people like me."

I hope I can get a ton of Conference, Easter and Owen's 2nd birthday!