Monday, February 28, 2011

We made it through FEB!!!

We are making our way to spring and couldn't be more excited. Last week I had the privilege to go to Salt Lake to tour the tabernacle. The tabernacle was built back in 1864, it's 150 feet across and 250 feet long. The amazing organ has 11,623 pipes which makes that one of the largest organs in the world.

I learned a lot about the Tabernacle Choir and the organ. Like the Tabernacle Choir, none of the orchestra members are paid and all proceeds from their cd's are how they pay for everything they do.
I might have seen Sister Mettra and her cute companion from Pakistan.
Winter on the Daybreak lake.
Here is Owen on our walk, his eyeballs are frozen open.
Owen trying to grab the camera, again.
These are old pictures from my phone. Instead of hitting the ball he now can kick it quite well.
Just posing after church.
Super blurry but he is a funny bug.
Just the face we get when we go see Owen after his LONG 20 minute naps.
Again Owen is posing. He's in his surf warm up suit incase you can't see that.
Look at those cheeks.
This is my little dog. He chews on my headbands ALL THE TIME.
Another trip in the car.

Owen at the doctor's just getting some shots. Believe it or not, he looks like this about 10 seconds after his shots.
"I love Sister Mettra!"
Next week there hopefully should be some pictures of the other people that live in this house.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Walk like a man"

This has been a fun week. Owen continues to destroy the house and wake us up before the sun comes up (5am). He has decided that he would like to try walking out. Here is a little proof of what we claim is happening.

First stop of the day, pull out all the wippies.

Almost done.

"Umm it wasn't me."

"If I say bad words later in life, know that I like the taste of soap, so you probably wont be able to punish me that way."

"Cleaning my gums."

"Ha wake up at 7am, HA!"