Tuesday, July 17, 2012

April to July... woops

Starting with, "color me rad" run. 
"Now don't you get dirty, Mom."

Marisa and I before!

"Love me some colored corn starch."

Then this happened. 

"I'm so pretty, especially when it didn't come off my face."

Then this is when Karen and Bruce came home from their mission in Australia. 

"Thanks O, for making sure I didn't forget my bow before went outside."

" I love to help."

Then on to the, "dirty dash."

"Thanks B for watching my kidlets while Marisa and I got lost and did a 10k through the mud."

Temple Square

City Creek

"An apple a day..."

Kayaking with dad. 

4th of July, my 2nd favorite holiday. Here are all the pictures we took because there isn't one where we all look good. 

"That was AWESOME!"

"Sometimes I'm a model."