Monday, October 3, 2011

California part two

Owen loves airplanes. Every time he sees one, he screams and gets really excited. People were SUPER excited to hear him all morning. This is us at the airport by the way.
I had to make a trip back to Northwood, where I went to high school. Turns out my little brick is still there and doing well. We'll be having our ten year reunion next year. Ha!
Here is the million dollar oak tree that I watched get toilet papered for our senior prank and then was suspended for a week and almost didn't get to graduate. Cheers!
Owen is plotting his attack on the seagulls.
He can't figure out why they fly away when he runs over and screams at them.
He isn't a fan of being held, plus the baby leaves him with just a hip to rest on.
"Free at last."
Has to give everyone "knucks."
The park where my mom and dad live. We'll be setting up shop here if things don't work out in Daybreak.
Making sure to keep up with his clients.
"I hate horses, ponies and anything else you try to set me on. I will throw a fit every time, try me!"
On the 24th, we had a surprise 30th birthday for Reuben and his friend Mark. Reuben had no idea until five minutes before the party. He decided to look outside and check on the sprinklers. AHHHHH! He saw all these people walking into our neighbors house and quickly realized that my awesome plan was a lie. Dang it! We played laser tag in this big park. The "instructor" must have been pulled from the military because he was trying to teach us all these killing tactics and how to properly fire your weapon. I did awesome not being able to run, roll, or hide behind trees. Dang baby:)

Here is Mark and Reuben blowing out their 30 candles. It's more proof that it happened rather than a good picture. Reuben turns 30 on the 30th of October, if you didn't know.

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