Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Update

Between teaching swim lessons and trying to finish this online class, there haven't been many pictures or much activity around here. Here are some of Owen right before he barfed all over me AGAIN.

If he could talk he might say, "Mom you're a dork, you know if you squeeze my stomach I'm going to barf."

"Why don't you respond how I want you to when I talk, it's like you don't know what I'm saying."

" Wow, why do you use that voice? I kind of just drown you out when you do that."
" Would you turn on the air, quit trying to prove a point."
Last weekend we had our first Daybreak invitational. Reuben put it together
We had some of our friends come over and we played some of the games from "Minute to Win it." It was SUPER FUN!

Mark and Julie won...

The wrestling belt. Special!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Mettra in

This week we dropped Jenna off at the MTC (single tear) and Brek stayed and played. Here are some highlights of the week.
Owen is all ready to go drop of Jenna bear
The black bears in the family. We're only missing Heather.
The aunts and the babe.
The sisters. One day Brek will become Sister Mettra too:)
He'll remember her face
Pioneer baby.
Good bye my love!
Then it was off to the symphony at Thanksgiving point
Brek kept him company.
Reuben, me, Owen, and Becca at the symphony.
Owen slept through most of it.
Then we went kayaking around our lake.

Sunday we went through American Fork Canyon. It was awesome!
Reuben and I finally got a picture together:)
Me and B-rek
Owen just talking to some friends in Heaven.
Some sweet aspen trees
Shoot, this kid is cute. Love him!
The road we took

We hiked and took lots of pictures

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The land of the free

This fourth of July, like last year, we went to Stadium of Fire in Provo. This year Carrie Underwood performed and it was a great show. The weather was good and I wasn't sick this time! Owen hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Cook and slept through most of it.

Owen and I with our America colors on
50,000 people came to watch
These jets fly over before the show starts, tradition
They presented the troops and the colors
This little boy was especially cute, he was taught well

Carrie Underwood put on a great show

Then a WONDERFUL fireworks show followed. I'm glad to be an American, I love our country!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Motherland

Last week I went home to Irvine for a few good reasons......
1. Brek Graduated
2. Jenna went through the temple and had her mission farewell
3. We had a graduation, farewell, baby shower party for the girls
4. One last visit to 9 Laurelwood, the Mettra's home of 10 years R.I.P.
Here are some highlights