Tuesday, September 21, 2010

O bear

This weekend Owen and I are taking a trip, so there will be more of a variety of photos. For now this is what we could get in between FREQUENT diaper changes, playing peek-a-boo, reading books, tummy time, and having conversations.

Owen surfing the internet on his baby MAC

Practicing for his school pictures.
Getting super smiley before bed so we don't put him down.
In proper flying position.
Posing in front of his new blue walls.
Another one.
Playing before bed.
I'm spent! Buenas noches:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The day of labor

This is how our story went, with comments by Owen Cook.
Reuben brought home a new little grill, a cheap one to say the least from Walmart. Reuben tried heating up the coals with lots of lighter fluid, but they wouldn't keep warm.

Here is Bryce holding the meat while Reuben lit the coals again.

" I love fire."
This would be the second time Reuben tried working with the coals. Then Bryce put the meat back on, singeing off most of the hairs on his arms.
"Oh sick!"

After the hair loss Bryce tried poking around to figure out why things were cold and why my chicken was green.
"Meat marinated in lighter fluid, don't do it! Fools all of you!"
Reuben with his leather shoe aka hamburger.
"Have you people no sense!"

Just as we were taking things inside, Reuben ran into the screen with all of the meat and after smearing all over the screen, it landed on the ground. Five second rule?
My chicken, that looks like something out of the cadaver lab.
After a "please help us not die" prayer- we tasted at our own risk.
"I really can't believe these people. Two of them are my parents, I'm not safe!"
No, they didn't wet themselves. They went sailing previous to the whole near death experience. After ingesting a few cups of lighter fluid, we made a quick trip to In & Out to wash down our highly toxic first meal.

"Much better choice."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chillin with the babe

Okay one more blog of just Owen. The next one should feature Reuben and I who still do exist and Owen's newly painted room. Lucky us, Heather is going to come do a beach mural in his room. I might not ever leave the room. Since fall is coming we're going to start to design our home so we don't go nuts with all the white walls. You can look forward to pictures of our house soon.

Owen holds his own bottle now but has found his thumb, which works too.
Still growing more chins.
Here is his half smile, he's tired. Sunday's mess up his naps schedule.
When he sits next to me he likes to wrap his arm around mine.
Poor child. If his cheeks weren't so chubby, maybe this wouldn't happen. I blame him.
Getting ready to barf, again.