Monday, October 31, 2011


This week was Reuben's 30th birthday!!!!!! We had a birthday dinner for him on Sunday but we've been celebrating since September.
Next on our October list was of course Halloween. Last year it snowed so Owen did not go out, but this year he wanted to make sure to get some more sugar in our house. All commentary will be made by him.
"Oh my gosh. I rolled it and cut it all by myself."
"I've been rolling this for days, I can do it without even looking now."
"Get that pin out of my way...please."
"He shoots, he scores!"
"If you watch me, I can teach you how to roll with just your fingers, so you don't dirty your hands too much."
"Double time."
"Hi, my name is Owen. I am 28 inches tall, don't weigh enough to face forward when we drive and looking for work."
"Chillin with Teen Wolf."
"Sometimes when I eat too many smarties, I become a little woozy and it's hard to keep my hat on."
"You mean people everywhere are just giving out free candy tonight?"
"Candy, candy, must get candy."
"Three lolly pops is always a better choice than lunch and dinner."
"This one is mine, got it?"
"It's cool that Grandma Lou shows up at all my big events."
"Alan and me just slipping away into a sugar induced coma."

"Dad made mom dress up like a gorilla. He told her it made her look skinny. Mommy told me later that she would tell me what happens to liars."

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