Monday, January 31, 2011


After our water incident, Owen has also figured out that a good activity when I'm folding his clothes is to unroll all the toilet paper.
Baby at work.
After this picture I cut his hair so he doesn't look like a troll.
Trying to leave the crime scene.
Without shame and a smile on his face. Now he is off to the fan where he likes to shake it until it falls over. Cheers!

Yesterday we realized that Owen likes to walk if you pull him around on a leash or in this case a wippie.

Sorry the videos are so choppy. I'll try to fix them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well it's been a while. Recently Owen has been growing, in his cheeks, learning how to put himself to sleep (which after three weeks, he refuses to sleep), and discovering how GREAT water is.
Owen is responding to the word, "smile!"
"Oh Dad, let's not talk naps right now."
"You want me to take a nap? How about you!"
"Kidding, but really I'll go to bed later thank you."
This week I put Owen in the bathtub while I took a shower. This way he couldn't eat our shoes in the closet or stick his fingers in the electric sockets. Not the brightest idea.
Just getting started.
"Oh you can turn around, there is nothing to see here."
"This thing must be good for something."
"Oh that's right, simply pull this and it's magic from there."
"Oooooooooo water."
"Ha! All in a days work!"
This is Owen after sleeping the whole night. He looks 20 lbs bigger.

After discovering water in the bathtub, we decided to head down to the beach as to even things out with those people who are frequenting the beach as they please in southern CA.
Totally the same.
Owen votes this was a horrible idea.
Reubs getting a tan.
Not a wave in sight, glassy water to say the least:)
Owen's attitude about napping.
"Not gunna do it."
Owen felt bad for never sleeping, so he did the dishes.
"Oh hi, just adding the soap."
"Almost done, you just wave your hand and then BAM, all done!"

Good day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year. Reuben's parents came and then the rest of my family came up for new years. We even got snow accompanied with weather that would freeze your eyeballs out.
Grandpa and O getting their workout on while shoveling snow.
Too many carrots made for an explosion and trip to the sink. He doesn't care though.
Yay Owen!
fall-la-la-la-la la-la-la-LA!
"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it."
Santa likes doing the laundry, which got me put on the naughty list because I hate it!
Merry Christmas!
Santa on Christmas morning.
Opening his......BINKIES!
He really only cared for the wrapping paper. I wonder how long we can keep that going.
GHETTO stockings this year. I waited until the last minute to buy them and then they didn't have the style I wanted. so we went with uggs.
One of the dummer ideas I had. I made these bouquets for all our friends up here. They just didn't look as cool as I had imagined them.
May or may not have seen Sister Mettra sing "Ave Maria" in German on temple square.
Us and Grandma Gin, my Grandma.
Little Shepard boy.
He saw the star!!!!!
Loves being a Shepard.
Learning to like the camera.
Looking rather jolly... fake smile.
We saw Santa and Mrs. Clause also. I think they came on Harlies.
Little Shepard boy is a little ticked that he is going to bed after all this dress up action.
Hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!