Friday, July 8, 2011

Since you've been gone

About two months ago, my computer decided it wouldn't turn back on and thus not allowing any opportunity to update my blog. The other option was to do it on Reuben's PC, but that was out of the question. Gladly- we have a BEAUTIFUL new baby MAC that hopefully will keep blogging alive:) Here are some of the things we've been up to since May, wow that was a while ago.

We begin at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake. It was beautiful.

Texting and walking only lands you in bushes.
Next: The Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point.
Everyone was in kilts, even the dogs.
King Owen
Next on the list included a trip to Ogden, to see Grandma Gin
We all love this house, especially in the summer!
Grandma Lou came to visit!
Oh and so did Uncle Zach!
Owen touched a MAC, he's sooooo happy:)
Then we found ourselves at Thanksgiving Point again to see the animals.
Probably one of the scariest beasts there.
"Hey dad, watch this! I can stick my whole fist up his nostril and he won't even move!"
Mr. Ed
He loved the huge horses but when it came to ponies, that was not acceptable.
Owen and Grandpa Cook's head.
Owen's first trip to prison. We are so proud!
Then Owen and Maia found the water. She would dump it on him and he would stand there. This is a great way to force your child to like water. Almost ready for swim team!!
"So I'm cute and wet, oh and I want some ice cream, thanks!"
Model pose
Then it was the 4th of July!!! My second favorite holiday. I had the flu which was a treat but after three barfs that day, Stadium of Fire was still on my to do list.
Oh and Brek came!!
Troops marching in the flags. It was quite patriotic. I depend on this now every fourth of July.
David Archuleta sang the "Star Spangled Banner." He has a great voice, just a little shy.
Reubs and me. Keep in mind, I have the flu so dismiss my face.
Brad Paisley also performed. I liked country music before but living in the south for a while made me appreciate it even more. While some of country music is twangy, it's just some good people singing about the simple things in life. I loved it.

Half of the cousins were there with us. This is Georgia, Sheila's daughter.
Rebekah and Bella. Notice that she is seriously posing for the picture, so cute!
More proof that we were there.

Then the fire started and you knew the craziest fire works were about to start.
And they did. It was great! I love the 4th and the USA.
PS: Next week we'll be painting our house Navy blue and white with a RED DOOR! Wahooo! Oh and we find out next Friday if this little babe is a girl or a boy!