Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the last time

On Sunday we went to Temple Square, this time to see Sister Mettra for the last time as a missionary (we had permission from her President this time). This is what happened...
After stepping out of the South Visitor's center, we took a shot with Hyrum, Joseph, Sister Mettra and O. It was 20 degrees.
Reading The Book of Mormon puts a smile on my face too.
Sister Mettra and baby Reese. Beanie by H if you wanted to know.
Sister Mettra making an EASY contact.
Owen committing to read.
Learning from Sister Mettra and Harmer.
Being a thug.

Taking Sister Mettra on her final walk off the square. Going, going....
Gone! Sister Mettra will be home in a matter of hours. She is spending all morning in the airport in hopes to find a few more souls to teach before coming home. We'll miss having such a hard working missionary so close. Sister Mettra worked REALLY hard to the end and was able to touch many hearts. Welcome home Sister Mettra (#2... hopefully we will have a Sister Mettra #3).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Reese!

Here is Reese Bela Cook and this is her story. On Monday I went to the doctor and was at a 3 and 80% effaced. I thought FOR SURE I would be in labor that night, especially when I ran up and down those stairs for as long as I did. Nothing happened. The morning of the 6th was my scheduled induction. I felt bad that I was choosing to be induced early, I just had a feeling that if my water were to break, things would go fast and I wouldn't have time to get Reuben up from Orem, Owen to where he needed to be and me to murray. So we went in at 8am. I was having a few contractions on my own:) At 9:45am they started the pitocin. After that they broke my water, I got my epidural, I felt so much pressure that they needed to come back in and check me often, they turned off the pitocin after the first upgrade, I pushed through two contractions and then Reese came at 11:54am. For only about two hours of labor, I was glad that I was induced that day. Owen's labor was 5 hours, Reese's was 2, the next one will most likely occur in the car.
Reese Bela Cook. Weighing 7.8lbs and was 20.25 inches long.

Owen came to visit us and thought all the buttons he could push was a great way to let him know he had a new sister.

We chose the middle name Bela because Reuben said that one of the first things he thought when he saw her was how beautiful she was. Bela is beautiful in Portuguese.

He ran up and down the halls, laughing and then would come in to give Reese her binki and a kiss, then he was gone again.
Poor Owen was so tired the first time he came to visit.
He did manage to show us his teeth though.
Reese's first day on the job as head elf.

Owen can take care of Reese with out even looking.
"Tadah, here is Reese."
"Okay, can we give her back now. She's stealing the show."

Reese, all wrapped up! She likes to sleep and not eat. Oh and sometimes not breath very well. Sounds like someone else I know when he was a baby. We are SO EXCITED to welcome Reese. Owen is doing great with her and I am awake enough to post this blog so that means we are doing great!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Temple Square

It's a tradition that we go see the Christmas lights on temple square, even if we happen to spot a little lady with a tag. In real life.. we didn't try to find her this time.
This tree really was the coolest. It was orange!
Owen opting for the closed mouth smile.
Almost all the kidlets in my fam. Brek- you missed out.
Owen kind of in shock that we are going to keep him out in the freezing cold.
It's a good shot for the jaw line but DANG didn't do a thing for my mid section.
Oh Hey!!!!
Yay family!
We attempted to sprint walk Temple Square to get some contractions going. Turns out that didn't work. My induction time is tomorrow at 7:30am, I guess then I can stop trying to get myself to go into labor because I'll be DONE! Next post, Owen's sister:)