Monday, May 16, 2011

Two years!

No Owen is just one but we've been married 2 YEARS now!! Crazy. I wasn't that stressed on the wedding day, sooo I remember almost everything. I do however remember that I didn't really like our photographer and now I can see why, with very few pictures to choose from. Tonight we are going to Texas Road House and then a movie. I'm kind of bummed that I feel so sick today, but being pregnant- you give up a few holidays or special days just wanting to barf. Cheers!

The Mettra kidlets
Coming out of the temples. Somehow Reuben still has keys, a phone, a wallet, and gum in his pockets.
Just sayin, "hi."
I want to hug the beach right now.
Us in Cancun looking like lamanites, too bad we don't sport these shades in Utah too often.
Cancun, let's go back!!!!!! Two years has gone by so fast. We are keeping busy and enjoying life. We have learned a lot about each other (probably really fast, seeing the fact that I was pregnant just a month after we got married) and have grown a lot. We are excited for what the future together brings. Love you babe!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lots to report

We'll start with the Thanksgiving Point half marathon.
Michele, Keri, me and Mary before the race. It was a good 30 degrees when we started and MAYBE 32 when we finished. At mile 3 of 13, I thought I would barf. I held it in until mile 7. Nonetheless I ran sooo slow as to not barf the whole way. My pelvis started locking up around mile 5 and from there on- my strides were whimpy. Oh well, I finished two months PREGNANT. Note to self.. Zofran wont work if you are going to be dumb enough to run a half marathon. I'm sad I wont be able to really run until next year. Spring, summer and fall are magical times to run in Utah. I guess I'll have to look forward to next year.
"Yay mommy for not taking forever!"
Owen with his face frozen.
I finished and YES that lady beat me in the shoot. I couldn't even sprint, grrrr!
Due to the fact that I was pretty slow, we ended up telling everyone that we are going to have another baby this December. The early announcement was my doing. We are quite surprised and excited. After this nausea goes away (week 22), then I'll be REALLY excited. This is what the little babe could look like.

Onto news we got on Sunday night.
This is for Sister Mettra who doesn't get to watch the news.
Pictures like this are deeply etched in most of our brains. Unless you are Reuben and just saw a few here and there while on a mission in Brazil. On May 2, Osama Bin Laden was killed.

This one is one of my favorites. Many people ran to the streets of DC and New York to celebrate the end to a 10 year search for a man that killed thousands.
Last item of business is a video of O.