Sunday, October 31, 2010


Owen continues to take 7 minute naps sooo this post is just pictures because I need to make sure he doesn't knock down the tree:)

Halloween and more... ¡POR FIN!

My computer came back to life and now it's time to unload my camera. Okay this is what has been happening since early October. Caution, there are way too many videos and pictures on here for one sitting. So if you're not a new mom that is up at all hours of the night, family or a really big fan of Owen... be prepared for a ton of pictures.


Owen is not quite yet ready for swim team. Next year!

Playing tackle on the bed.

I was asked to "make" something for the Halloween party. So I made a design.

Our costumes are sponsored by our friends. I'm an 80's girl and Reuben is a pizza delivery boy.

Napoleon, of course, was at the party and danced a quick jig.

Owen is now rolling everywhere and is ready to crawl.

Looking back at Grandpa making weird noises.

Yikes, what an odd bunch of people.

For the girls.

Happy as a lark. ( I don't even know what that is.)

Listening to the game play from Grandpa.

Owen telling Grandpa that the Giants are going to win The World Series and to quit getting stressed out.

Oh Goofy.

Ready to play.

Hey guys.

Owen has two new teeth, which makes it harder to pull this beaver face.

Clapping makes him happy all the time and probably boosts his ego.

Thinking about the beach that he's never seen.

And he's bored.

All good bears know how to fold their arms.

And he's spent.


How the Dinosaurs disappeared

Best work out ever

When babies attack



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The happenings

My baby MAC died, so I can't get pictures or videos off it and I'm currently boycotting the PC. As soon as I fix my computer I will update the blog. Look for one on Sunday, FOR SURE!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference and football

This past weekend Zach and Heather came up for Zach's mission reunion and General Conference. For those of you who don't know what General Conference is, it's when the prophet and 12 apostles speak to us and it happens every October and April.

Here is Owen getting his pre-conference rub down.
How the dinosaurs disappeared.
We also understand that BYU is having sort of an "off" year and thought we better get Owen started on his technique. Here is Owen in action. (Despite all of his training, Owen will probably grow up and just want to be a swimmer, ha!)
Oh and Owen has been teething and sick so he's called in a few sick days and has escaped any hairspray on his hair.

Conference went well and so did Owen's training.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trip to CA

This past week, Owen and I went to the motherland or Irvine. My friend, Molly was having a baby shower so I thought we should probably go. Owen got spoiled, experienced the hottest day on record, started teething, and hung out with Grandma and Brek. Oh and I FINALLY got the go ahead to run, it's been magical ever since. Here is Owen's side of the story.
Praying upon arrival, hurry up, he's serious.
Stopping to pose like his Aunt Jenna.
Hold me, hold me, hold me!!!!
Liv'n the dream.
More holding.
Showing off his hard earned double chin.
Captured by Brek... it isn't so bad.
After a hard days work of forced tummy time.
Not sure how he's going to get out of his next nap, but he's going to make it happen.

"Please people, I came to see the beach and still, NOTHING!"