Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hospital sleepovers and more!

Owen sure is a cute little babe. When my sisters came they dressed him up daily.

He lets you do whatever you want to him and never cries:)
Owen went to Grandma Gin's house and hung out with her bears
This is Owen and Grandma Lou
This is us trying to wake him up out of a coma to try and feed him

Owen and Grandma Gin, he really does like her but he was ticked here.
We went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. Reuben is trying to shield him from the sun. I don't think Reuben knows how much I love the sun, we could have some issues this summer!
Then Owen got sick. On Monday he went to the ER in Riverton and then to the doctor's during the week. On Friday we went to kids care and then on to Primary Children's Hospital. Those little bandaids were to hold on his oxygen lines that they gave him. We took him in because he squeaks when he breaths, he sounded like he had his lungs full of junk, and he wouldn't eat because he couldn't swallow the acid that was coming up from his stomach, breath, and eat at the same time.
We stayed there from Friday until Sunday evening. Reuben and I shared this lil bed/chair of sorts.

Here is Owen with some of the leads on him, his O2 monitor, but with out his O2 on his face
And then he proved to the doctors that he was going to be fine on his own and we went home to sleep. Final diagnosis: Horrible reflux that shoots up to his vocal cords and makes his squeak a little and Tracheomalacia. He will one day grow out of both of these. For now he sleeps like a champ, eats every 2.5 hours (which means I have to pump ALL THE TIME), and he has to sleep and eat sitting straight up. He's doing well, he now weighs 7.4 LBS.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Owen Reuben Cook

DISCLAIMER: I'm going to just tell it like it is...
Prior to April 6th, my doctor was sassy and continued to tell me that I was dilated to a 0-1 and would probably deliver a week late on the 15th. When I went in on April 6th, he asked if I wanted to have a baby the next day. I thought, "well of course." What he didn't tell me is that he stripped my membranes. I decided to be induced the next day at 5am, but it didn't work out like that. Later that night I started having contractions about 3 minutes apart and decided we should probably head down to Orem. I got checked in at about 12:30am and the contractions moved to about 1 minute apart and I thought I would probably die. They hooked me up to pitosin after a little while because my contractions slowed WAY down. I told the nurse I would hold off on the epidural for a little (dumb). I let myself go another 5 minutes and thought, "I'm dying, I'm really dying." So I got the epidural. The IV hurt worse than the epidural.

(Here I am thinking, "I'm hot, I feel like I can't breath when these contractions come, I feel exposed and really really don't want that epidural to wear off.")
Around 2am I dosed off, they did however have to put oxygen on me because my contractions were so intense that they were pinching off Owen's oxygen. I on the other hand just watched the monitor because I didn't feel a thing. Around 7am I was dilated to a 5, when they broke my water. Ummm that was gross, there was a TON. They quickly saw that Owen couldn't wait to use the bathroom like a gentleman and that they would need to be super careful as he came out, so as not to swallow the meconium . From there I went from a 5 to a 10 in about 30 minutes. At 8:00am, the doctor told me to start pushing. Then in a rush to get Owen out he, ever so lovingly made things a little "bigger" down there, and Owen came at 8:09am. So I pushed for 9 minutes and slept through most of the labor. Maybe that is why I now have stitches up to my eyeballs.

(He really hates being cold)
(Owen and I just hanging out, getting to know each other)

(Don't know why I chose to look at the camera on this one, I look as though I've been through some major trauma)

( The nurse wrapped him up like this when she gave him back to us)

(He's a boy so we can't call him a "Polly Pocket" but he is a small one, weighing 6LBS and 11 ounces)

(Owen and Grandma Dora)

(After his bath)

(He's such a cute baby)

(Daddy and Owen)
Well those are the pictures for this week. Owen eats ALL the time and is gaining weight. He makes the funniest faces and is such a good sleeper. He has his days and nights mixed up but he is so nice to me and only wakes up twice during the night. He eats and then he cuddles in next to me. I'll put him in his crib soon, I just need to be able to reach over and put the binki in his mouth, until he learns it's not okay to be eating all day long. We love him and are so excited that he's finally here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stay a while

Went to the doctor last week and I'm still at a 1 folks. My real due date is the 8th of April but at 20 weeks they told us that he could come the 4th because of how big he was measuring. So I dedicated myself to the 4th which came and went. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow but if I'm still at a 1 then I'll be induced on the 12th if I can convince him, or the 15th which he told me was my, "drop dead" date. We'll keep you all posted:)

Drop, no drop, I don't even know. He's just DANG heavy.

This is me trying to cover up my abused belly button.