Monday, October 31, 2011


This week was Reuben's 30th birthday!!!!!! We had a birthday dinner for him on Sunday but we've been celebrating since September.
Next on our October list was of course Halloween. Last year it snowed so Owen did not go out, but this year he wanted to make sure to get some more sugar in our house. All commentary will be made by him.
"Oh my gosh. I rolled it and cut it all by myself."
"I've been rolling this for days, I can do it without even looking now."
"Get that pin out of my way...please."
"He shoots, he scores!"
"If you watch me, I can teach you how to roll with just your fingers, so you don't dirty your hands too much."
"Double time."
"Hi, my name is Owen. I am 28 inches tall, don't weigh enough to face forward when we drive and looking for work."
"Chillin with Teen Wolf."
"Sometimes when I eat too many smarties, I become a little woozy and it's hard to keep my hat on."
"You mean people everywhere are just giving out free candy tonight?"
"Candy, candy, must get candy."
"Three lolly pops is always a better choice than lunch and dinner."
"This one is mine, got it?"
"It's cool that Grandma Lou shows up at all my big events."
"Alan and me just slipping away into a sugar induced coma."

"Dad made mom dress up like a gorilla. He told her it made her look skinny. Mommy told me later that she would tell me what happens to liars."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little by little

Little by little we are finishing this house. My family would probably like to see what has become of the hours of digging holes and moving rocks that they all participated in.
Here is the walk way with mason jars and pop corn which will probably light the house on fire.
Our crab apple tree just arrived yesterday, which now we need to plant. We have the high grass and trees in the front to create a fence until we get our picket fence, next spring.
we still have to put the mulch in but we had to wait until we fixed all the drip lines. This looks pretty good for mid October in Utah.
Next we'll move inside where we have attempted our own back splash. Thanks to Heather... it looks perfect.

Our walls look pink, but they're yellow.
Here is our mirror that was actually done in August. It started out black, so we primed it, painted it ocean blue and sanded the crap out of it. Later Reuben stepped on the mirror and broke it and then Owen proceeded to take a red marker and add his "design" to the frame. Here it is though, ALL DONE!

This is the only place where we can put anything.
Now onto Owen. These are off our phones, so some aren't that great.
Not sure if he agrees with the quarter back change. He does now though since BYU has won a few games.

Making Aunt Karen proud. He LOVES his popcorn.
After I put on this puff-ball jacket he rolled up one of his pant legs. I felt it needed to be documented.
In the corner thinking of what he wants to destroy next.
In the weeds, watching the trucks build a house.
Super relaxed and actually eating. I'm sure he just sucked on this granola bar as to not consume too many calories.
Signs of a good nap:)
His pass-time.
Happy Halloween!

Owen walks around the house and finds all the binkies he can. He'll shove them all in this mouth if you try to take them away.
Realizing he couldn't make a clean shot, he took his chair and put himself through the hoop.
Hanging out in his chair that matches our couch.

Monday, October 3, 2011

California part two

Owen loves airplanes. Every time he sees one, he screams and gets really excited. People were SUPER excited to hear him all morning. This is us at the airport by the way.
I had to make a trip back to Northwood, where I went to high school. Turns out my little brick is still there and doing well. We'll be having our ten year reunion next year. Ha!
Here is the million dollar oak tree that I watched get toilet papered for our senior prank and then was suspended for a week and almost didn't get to graduate. Cheers!
Owen is plotting his attack on the seagulls.
He can't figure out why they fly away when he runs over and screams at them.
He isn't a fan of being held, plus the baby leaves him with just a hip to rest on.
"Free at last."
Has to give everyone "knucks."
The park where my mom and dad live. We'll be setting up shop here if things don't work out in Daybreak.
Making sure to keep up with his clients.
"I hate horses, ponies and anything else you try to set me on. I will throw a fit every time, try me!"
On the 24th, we had a surprise 30th birthday for Reuben and his friend Mark. Reuben had no idea until five minutes before the party. He decided to look outside and check on the sprinklers. AHHHHH! He saw all these people walking into our neighbors house and quickly realized that my awesome plan was a lie. Dang it! We played laser tag in this big park. The "instructor" must have been pulled from the military because he was trying to teach us all these killing tactics and how to properly fire your weapon. I did awesome not being able to run, roll, or hide behind trees. Dang baby:)

Here is Mark and Reuben blowing out their 30 candles. It's more proof that it happened rather than a good picture. Reuben turns 30 on the 30th of October, if you didn't know.