Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I lost my camera (I'll probably find it after I post these pictures) so here are just some that Brek took. On Thursday we flew down to CA on Jet blue with not an OUNCE OF TURBULENCE. I wanted to hug the pilot but he wasn't around. This is a quick review of what we did.

Grandma Lou and Mr. Cheeks.
Sweet potatoes.
Loves his carrots.
Design by Heather.
Everyone loved his cheeks.
Oh and he figured out that crawling is cool. He will crawl really fast to the computer if left on the floor and the pump so he can pull out all the tubes.
Little O bug.
Owen and Grandpa.
Thanksgiving feast in it's early stages.
Owen had his own place.

He like Uncle Z.
The house was ready for Christmas upon my request.
Brek and Owen.
Tis the season.