Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good try

So I was telling Reuben yesterday that it's hard to get the Christmas spirit until I'm home and done with the semester. Also we just moved, have plain walls and no Christmas decorations. So....
My thoughtful husband got a Christmas tree and borrowed lights from his sister. It's really too bad that the lights were the icicle lights that they normally use on their house! ... and that icicle lights with a white cord really don't go on Christmas trees! Hahahah. We'll have to try this one more time:) It sure was funny.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving in Irvine

While we were home, we went to the Newport Beach temple. First time we have been back since we got married.
It was a nice 74 degrees on Thanksgiving and we had it outside. Here is my whole family.
Shelli and I whipped up some Christmas magic and decorated this gingerbread house. One of the best I've made.
The backside
A close up.
We went to Fashion Island to see the BIG Christmas tree. Which was real yet not as big as I remembered- must be budget cuts.
If we're ever homeless, this is where I'm going to set up shop. I already told Reuben the plan.
Nice picture at sunset even if I'm leaning over, feeling a little top heavy these days.
The camera is blurry because of the lighting but nonetheless- it was NICE!
Shelli and I

Another one of us, I couldn't get the angle right. I guess there is no hiding my now jolly figure:)