Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Things!

For Valentine's Day Reuben and I went to Color Me Mine and made some fun stuff. I made a "You are Special" plate which doesn't look at all like the one I grew up with but I LOVE yellow so it works. When it's someone's Birthday or something special happens then they get to eat off this plate.
Reuben made a toothbrush holder. First we have our initials, followed by the killer cavity and the very muscly toothbrush. He's a funny guy.

Now for one of our favorite treats!

When I was younger I worked at Jamba Juice and turned my skin orange because I drank carrot juice every day. In hopes to get Reuben to drink and LIKE carrot juice I whipped up this little drink. It's just 16 oz. of juiced carrot juice, 10 frozen strawberries or about a cup of other frozen berries. That's it! You can't even taste the carrot:)
* Richest source of vitamin A
* Improves skin
* Strengthens bones, teeth, and hair
* Encourages collagen production (keeps those wrinkles away)
* Helps fight cancer. Prevents your normal cells from producing free radicals which are basically mutations in your DNA.


  1. Mr. Cavity is smiling now, but just wait until Captain Toothbrush has his way with him! ... Gotta love the Captain.

  2. Do you have a juicer for the carrots? That looks delicious!

  3. Cute plate, but I love the advertisement for carrots. You should do Public Service Announcements for them.

  4. Super Cute! I love the "special" plate! So I totally grew up drinking carrot juice, and it turned my skin orange in High random is that. In fact Aubrey and I juiced up a couple the other day in hopes that she would like it, with no such luck! It's good stuff!

  5. Really fun color me mine dishes! So I totally saw you in passing in Provo the other week. I was in town for all of 8 hours and passed you in the parking lot by Barnes and Noble. It was one of those moments where I realized it was you right after we passed you! So a question about your smoothie, do you juice your own carrots? It looks yummy. I've been making a similar one with OJ and spinach and frozen fruit.

  6. To make that carrot drink you would need your own juicer:)

  7. I almost died laughing thinking about you and your love of carrots. I remember your stories of your skin turning orange because you loved carrots so much. I really liked that carrot and onion soup you used to make. Can you send me that recipe when you have a "spare" moment?! Thanks, Kira :) Have you decided on a name for your little boy?