Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Shower

This Blog will be very boring unless your name is Lou Ann, Jenna, Brek, Heather or someone who likes to look at baby clothes.

Last week my Aunts threw me a baby shower up in Ogden.

This is my cousin Amy and me. Her mom made this blanket and another one too! So crafty.

Can't quite seem to fit on my seat.

Here are my aunts Kathy and Sherly. I'm a horrible person and didn't tell anyone I was taking their picture.

Looks like Grandma caught on, but not Ann.

Here is Ruthann

Here is little Carla and not so little me.

Lizzy and Carla.
And here are some of the things he got...

This is not from the shower. I have a problem in that when I have a birthday coming up or it's Christmas, I'll go out and buy myself stuff. Well before the shower I hit up the GAP and found some of these goods. Notice the little bathing suit. That will be the first thing we try on!
Here is what some of the stuff in his crib is looking like.
Next blog I'll be taking my last tummy shots because then I'll be 9 months and READY TO GO!


  1. So fun! Glad I could come and see you :)

  2. Wait I love the blog too.. :) Other I am the "other sista" ask Lou Ann.. ha :) Love you!