Sunday, February 7, 2010

8 months, let's wrap it up!

There are reasons I'm smiling in these shots. Here are a few reasons why...

1. We'll get to hold a baby and I wont have to hold up my stomach anymore 'cause he weighs so much!

2. Soon I will return to wearing regular pants and I wont have to try to remember to button them when I get up!

3. Perhaps I'll even get to run again and be able to breath! I can't breath most of the day because until the baby drops he's jammed up against my diaphragm making it impossible for it to do its job. Also when I do pilates Reuben has to help me roll over just to get off the floor.

4. I'll be able to do moves like this without worrying that I might tear my symphysis pubis again. Even though that sounds gross, it's just the ligament between your two pelvic bones. It keeps them together except if you're me- then it splits in half:)

5. Soon weight gain wont be a weekly habit... well it could be, we'll see.

6. Soon I will teach Reuben how to change diapers!!!! He did a great job with his niece Bella, hahah.

But for reals we are super excited to have a little boy and would gladly welcome him late in March if he wanted to come then, but if not we'll wait until April.


  1. Well as much as you want the little guy out, you sure are cute 8 months pregnant! And still doing pilates! You are impressive.

  2. I'm so excited for you to have a baby! You are going to be the cutest mommy! I'm so happy for you.

  3. Wow! He'll be comin round the mountain before you know it! You look adorable.

    -- Meredith Eaton Hayes

  4. You do look super cute pregnant! But I do remember how nice it is to pick something up without holding your breath! Good luck these last two weeks! It's totally worth it!