Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun!

Kira and The Banana Boat
-A Short Story by R. Messervy Cook

Twas the thirtieth of June, when at Rainbow Bay, all atop a Banana, but not this man Ray.
When asked if he would ride, his simple answer was no. "It seems fun to me, but I should let you all go."
In the group of "you-alls" was our friend Kira Cook. She accepted the offer based on his confident look.
The reality however, was that this Raymond knew, that riding Banana was like "Doing the Dew".
Reuben, like Raymond, knew better than that. To ride the Banana like a research lab rat.
So with innocent eyes, Ray and Reubs sat on the boat, and laughed as they watched the "you-alls" patiently float.

Kira, with Jorgy, Jill, Kevin, and wife, did not understand they'd have the ride of their life.
Before Kira knew it, she was flying with speed. She was going so fast, I think that she peed.
She was bouncing, and knocking heads with others on board. She got bad whiplash, when the boat un-slackened the chord.
It wasn't long, before her body started to fly, over the others and on through the sky.
With flailing arms and screaming deep from the lung, into the water her body was flung.

All and all Kira had the time of her life, despite getting plunged, the bruises, and strife.
Reuben also had fun on the lake he would say, he did his first 180 on the kneeboard that day.

Note: Despite the dramatic ending of this story, Kira suffered no serious bruises. We had a good time. It turned out to be a good "Team Party" for Reuben's work that day.

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