Sunday, July 19, 2009

¿Cómo se "LLAMA FEST"?

This week we wanted to really have some fun since my crazy schedule has only allowed us to high five and then go to sleep at night. So "llama fest" it was, at the Hare Krishna temple in the middle of no where:)
First we fed some of the llamas. I wont lie- llamas make me nervous, I mean what if they bite my fingers off or chomp on my ear.

This is how I have been looking when I get up in the morning. Sorry Reuben!
I wonder why he never has that look on his face when he feeds me my dinner.
Still scared so Becca had to feed the little dear
A little patty cake with Becca
I could have made this easier and bent my knees but he was up for the challenge.
Inside. We don't know much about this religion except the whole reincarnation deal. They had us take our shoes off and then we could go inside and explore. It was quite interesting.

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