Friday, July 10, 2009

Stadium of Fire!

This 4th of July there was no mile long walk to the beach with sand in unmentionable places or a tan that makes some question my ethnicity, but, "Stadium of Fire" in Utah. Glen Beck was the host(if I spelled his name wrong then I'm sorry).
It was quite stimulating for the eyes. Shedaisy sang and not too many people cared, except for me and then all of a sudden my ear drums blew out and kids all over started jumping and screaming! The Jonas Brothers came and gave a nice cardio workout to all kids under the age of 13.

Then they set off a TON of fireworks. It was amazing. After that they had to retire a 20 foot flag. To do it they had to burn it. It was quite patriotic:)


  1. I LOVE the Stadium of Fire! I don't, however, love The Jonas Brothers. I can just image all the tweens freaking out.

    We went to the pool for the 4th. You were there in spirit. :D

  2. I've never been, sounds fun! Seriously they burned a flag on the fourth? ...weird

  3. one of my biggest provo regrets....never going to the stadium of fire. although, i think they book shedaisy every year.