Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas- Jan and this is really long

First we shall start off with Christmas. We spent Christmas this year at home, no traveling because Reese is calling the shots now.

"Let there be Christmas!"
Santa brought Owen lots of books (which he was over after the first two), a table for legos and coloring, as well as a slinky, stuffed animal, and magnadoodle.
Owen also woke up at 5am. I could have fixed my eyes, but that's about right.
Love the smile O.
The traditional apple and orange in the stocking.

Christmas was great. Sort of a blur... but great.
Reese is a great little bug. She sleeps through the night and has since day one. She also eats and breathes... so already she's ahead of what Owen was doing. Although we love him just the same.
Then the Aunts came - Heather.
Brek stayed at our house and was the master cleaner and baby holder.
Owen offering a word of prayer before he steps off the top step. Awesome.
"Respect!" Owen has just figured out how to do thumbs up.
If you're good he'll flash a double thumbs up.
Sometimes he tries to snap and do thumbs up.
This is what he did after we let him watch 5 minutes of Pooh on my phone.
Owen and B and Grandma's house.
Grandma Gin and Owen walking to Farrs, which is always a must no matter what time of year.
If you ever spot Pooh, rules are you have to squeeze him as tight as possible.
Little ol Gin.
Ice cream makes them happy.
Playing with Grandma Gin. Owen would "close his eyes," and then try to grab grandma's hand before she pulled it away.
Owen dancing in the car.

This day doesn't need any explanation. I love being out and both kids need their diapers changed and you realize you didn't bring any. Dig it!
Later in the week we went to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake.
He let us know that he was a fan.
Reeseeeeee decided to destroy her outfit and turns out, we didn't bring another one of those.
Fishing with dad.

Choosing a good activity and hanging from the bar.


"Sometimes my cheeks grow when I sleep a lot."
This was Reese's first day at church.
Watching dad sing a song that he doesn't know the words to.
Reese wore purple in honor of Jenna, whose homecoming we could not attend.
Owen figured out how to take pictures of himself, cheers.


  1. I love the thumb up. Reese looks so cute all ready for church, and you look great! You make having a toddler and a newborn look so easy! What's your secret?

  2. Love the update! Reese sleeps through the night?!?! I'm SO JEALOUS!