Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the last time

On Sunday we went to Temple Square, this time to see Sister Mettra for the last time as a missionary (we had permission from her President this time). This is what happened...
After stepping out of the South Visitor's center, we took a shot with Hyrum, Joseph, Sister Mettra and O. It was 20 degrees.
Reading The Book of Mormon puts a smile on my face too.
Sister Mettra and baby Reese. Beanie by H if you wanted to know.
Sister Mettra making an EASY contact.
Owen committing to read.
Learning from Sister Mettra and Harmer.
Being a thug.

Taking Sister Mettra on her final walk off the square. Going, going....
Gone! Sister Mettra will be home in a matter of hours. She is spending all morning in the airport in hopes to find a few more souls to teach before coming home. We'll miss having such a hard working missionary so close. Sister Mettra worked REALLY hard to the end and was able to touch many hearts. Welcome home Sister Mettra (#2... hopefully we will have a Sister Mettra #3).

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  1. 3 cheers for Sis. Mettra #2! And 3 cheers for Baby Reese being the sweetest thing of all time and for Owen being an awesome thug :). xoxo