Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trip to CA

This past week, Owen and I went to the motherland or Irvine. My friend, Molly was having a baby shower so I thought we should probably go. Owen got spoiled, experienced the hottest day on record, started teething, and hung out with Grandma and Brek. Oh and I FINALLY got the go ahead to run, it's been magical ever since. Here is Owen's side of the story.
Praying upon arrival, hurry up, he's serious.
Stopping to pose like his Aunt Jenna.
Hold me, hold me, hold me!!!!
Liv'n the dream.
More holding.
Showing off his hard earned double chin.
Captured by Brek... it isn't so bad.
After a hard days work of forced tummy time.
Not sure how he's going to get out of his next nap, but he's going to make it happen.

"Please people, I came to see the beach and still, NOTHING!"


  1. He's a cutie! Love that double chin. Also, why haven't you been able to run?

  2. Kira and Owen...I loved having you at the shower and love all of these pictures. Enjoy running, I am looking forward to being able to lay on my stomach. Thanks for coming again!

  3. I love Owen's side of the story...way more interesting :)