Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and more... ¡POR FIN!

My computer came back to life and now it's time to unload my camera. Okay this is what has been happening since early October. Caution, there are way too many videos and pictures on here for one sitting. So if you're not a new mom that is up at all hours of the night, family or a really big fan of Owen... be prepared for a ton of pictures.


Owen is not quite yet ready for swim team. Next year!

Playing tackle on the bed.

I was asked to "make" something for the Halloween party. So I made a design.

Our costumes are sponsored by our friends. I'm an 80's girl and Reuben is a pizza delivery boy.

Napoleon, of course, was at the party and danced a quick jig.

Owen is now rolling everywhere and is ready to crawl.

Looking back at Grandpa making weird noises.

Yikes, what an odd bunch of people.

For the girls.

Happy as a lark. ( I don't even know what that is.)

Listening to the game play from Grandpa.

Owen telling Grandpa that the Giants are going to win The World Series and to quit getting stressed out.

Oh Goofy.

Ready to play.

Hey guys.

Owen has two new teeth, which makes it harder to pull this beaver face.

Clapping makes him happy all the time and probably boosts his ego.

Thinking about the beach that he's never seen.

And he's bored.

All good bears know how to fold their arms.

And he's spent.


How the Dinosaurs disappeared

Best work out ever

When babies attack




  1. Since Kelsie is now technically a toddler, I can safely say that your son is THE CUTEST BABY in the world.

    I love him.

    When can we play again?

  2. I'm not family or a new mom... Owen is adorable and I love that you're already prepping him for swimteam!