Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Update

Between teaching swim lessons and trying to finish this online class, there haven't been many pictures or much activity around here. Here are some of Owen right before he barfed all over me AGAIN.

If he could talk he might say, "Mom you're a dork, you know if you squeeze my stomach I'm going to barf."

"Why don't you respond how I want you to when I talk, it's like you don't know what I'm saying."

" Wow, why do you use that voice? I kind of just drown you out when you do that."
" Would you turn on the air, quit trying to prove a point."
Last weekend we had our first Daybreak invitational. Reuben put it together
We had some of our friends come over and we played some of the games from "Minute to Win it." It was SUPER FUN!

Mark and Julie won...

The wrestling belt. Special!

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