Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Mettra in

This week we dropped Jenna off at the MTC (single tear) and Brek stayed and played. Here are some highlights of the week.
Owen is all ready to go drop of Jenna bear
The black bears in the family. We're only missing Heather.
The aunts and the babe.
The sisters. One day Brek will become Sister Mettra too:)
He'll remember her face
Pioneer baby.
Good bye my love!
Then it was off to the symphony at Thanksgiving point
Brek kept him company.
Reuben, me, Owen, and Becca at the symphony.
Owen slept through most of it.
Then we went kayaking around our lake.

Sunday we went through American Fork Canyon. It was awesome!
Reuben and I finally got a picture together:)
Me and B-rek
Owen just talking to some friends in Heaven.
Some sweet aspen trees
Shoot, this kid is cute. Love him!
The road we took

We hiked and took lots of pictures


  1. He has such a cute smile! I like his eyes too. They look just Reuben's. Can't believe Jenna's gone. Sorry we missed the festivities. Can't wait to see you in the fall.

  2. Owen is so cute! I want to squeeze the cheekies!!! What a pretty place you live! Hope you guys are doing great. :)

  3. Looks like gorgeous weather! How exciting for Jenna, she's probably having a blast in the MTC right now.

  4. I think I completely forgot you guys lived in UT. My in-laws live in Alpine, we practically could've touched each other while I was visiting! Owen is such a cutie pie! How awesome that you got to see Carrie Underwood - my husband and I both have crushes on her. Ha! Hope all is well with you guys. XOXO