Sunday, May 23, 2010

Owen goes to church

Today was Owen's first day at church. People really liked his onsie with his tie that Cami made for him. He was a REALLY good baby! He slept the whole time and woke up just once to poop all over. Hopefully he'll be this good next week when we bless him.

We start with his Sunday shoes

Then the shirt....

Then the pants that are too big for him....

Then the hair which YES I did put hair spray in.

Other Sunday activities

Next time maybe we'll have you all listen to what Owen sounds like when he sleeps or just breathes. He sounds like a goose.

Here Reuben decided that Owen should try on his wrestling belt that we use when people win games at our house :)


  1. Love the tie onesie, the wrestling belt, and of course Owen! I remember that Georgia,our oldest, used to love to poop all over at church too! Fun times!

  2. What a cute outfit!!! I'm glad he was so good for you! Miss you

  3. Woohoo! I think Mason pooped at church for like the first several months - something to look forward to :) He looks so cute!

  4. He is sooooooo cute!!! I love his darling face and that hair! So happy for you guys. Want to meet him soon. Emily