Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Year!

One Year ago today, Reuben and I were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple for time and all eternity. SO MUCH has happened since then that it seems like a lot more than a year.

Reuben's whole family came out which was great!
Here is us with his siblings.
My family, grandma and aunt were there too.
Here are my siblings and also lil Heather
Reuben and I took TONS of pictures down at the beach. Corona Del Mar to be exact.

We were so excited to finally be married as you can tell.
Love yellow!

I wasn't running away, don't worry.

And so we go. One year later we are living out in South Jordan in a new house with a new little baby. Many say the first year is full of adjustments and is tough. Perhaps it was serving a mission that taught me to let the little things go or maybe it was that I got pregnant right away so most mood changes were blamed on that, but this past year has been great. Nothing beats having your best friend there all the time. It's been so fun- I can't wait to see what new adventures we have this year!
Love you Reuben :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! A great reminder of an amazing day!

  2. You guys are too cute! I love your wedding pictures! To answer your question that was my 5th marathon. My thing posted too early without me writing the details. Have you tried running yet?

  3. I am so happy for the THREE of you. May the Lord's choicest blessings be upon you all. One year and one happy little family. God Bless You.