Sunday, August 16, 2009

We've got a hole!

Most of you know that we are building a home out in Daybreak which is in South Jordan. Sure it's far from school and work but once you see these pictures you'll see why we couldn't resist.
This is what you see when you first drive up the hill.
We'll be saving up our money so that we can get some beach cruisers and go out exploring.
Minus the waves this will act as my new beach during the summers. It's got sand and it's just down the street!
We're going to get some paddle boats so we can entice people to hang out with us.
This is also down the street.
This is our little sign during Christmas time
Oh and the parks here would entertain us for a good hour. Each park has a theme and there are many to choose from.
Here are some of the houses. We liked them because they're all fun colors and different styles. Our house is going to be red- we didn't choose that but we don't mind.

They did tell us that our house was supposed to be done in August, but just to make us happy they dug us a hole to tell us that they're "starting." We'll let you know if we end up moving in to a van down by the river due to the miscalculation of our finished house.


  1. HA! You don't have to buy paddle boats to entice me to come visit! I will visit even if that van down by the river smells of moldy cheese :)

  2. I just saw your comment on my photo, and now I saw this! The crazy thing is that my parents just moved out to Herriman, right next to Daybreak. I was there for three weeks this summer and drove all over Daybreak. It is so charming! That's so exciting that you will be building there! And my parents will be working in the Oquirrh Mtn. Temple too, so hey, you just might see them! Anyways, we will have to say hello when we come through again. Probably around Thanksgiving time, if you're not in CA, that is. :)

  3. We want to live there... lets be neighbors someday:)