Saturday, August 8, 2009

Utah's Finest

This weekend Reuben and I went to the demolition derby in South Jordan with a bunch of friends.
But it doesn't matter because here is a man with a mullet picking his nose.
Then there was some smashing of cars.
Funny that we cheer this on:)
But it doesn't matter because here is another mullet.
The trucks crashing was the best part. There was a "909" truck and, of course, one with the confederate flag. I didn't know which one to cheer for.
This was cool.

But it doesn't matter because this was the best mullet of the night. Thanks Utah!


  1. Hey Kira! This is Callie. Just saying hi and that I'm glad you blog! I blog too, I'll have to send you an invite. Love all the mullets too. I was in Minnesota this summer visiting my brother-in-law's family and holy cow do people have some crazy mullets out there. Not just adults either. Anyways, hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you later!