Saturday, September 3, 2011


Wow it's really been a LONG time since I last updated these pictures. We are busily digging trenches, moving top soil from one side of our yard to the other, figuring out more sprinkler issues, buying sod, picking out trees, choosing plants, and figuring out how to hook up the drip line. Needless to say, on good nights we are out in the front until midnight, not leaving much time to update this beautiful blog. Good news, we should be done in two weeks! Now after the excuses, here are some pictures of what we've been doing...

First, we should probably tell the blog world that we are having a GIRL!!! She should be here on the 8th or maybe the 12th. They always give me two dates and neither one of them turn out to be the right one:)
We are almost certain that we have a name for this baby bug!

We also went boating at Deer Creek with Reuben's work. I was a great observer while Reuben did all sorts of tricks on the wake board.
Owen and I have been on countless walks just trying to get an idea of what we want to plant in our yard. I feel fine about going into people's yards and taking pictures.
Just a few more possibilities.
Trying to figure out which zone the plants are and how much sun each shrub should get has been quite a treat.
Then we were onto painting. After spraying almost the whole house, the painters stopped and wanted to make sure I wanted this color. Cookie monster blue was such a joy for those few days. However, the not so funny part is that we had to pay for paint and labor again. Goodbye shopping trips!
This is what we had originally picked out. Our door was going to be red until that came out pink. By that point I was over it and went with yellow.
Heather and Zach came and poor H was put to work. Probably more than she wanted to. We painted a back splash for the kitchen. All was going well until I spilled paint all over the oven. Next week I'll include pictures of all the new things inside and out of our house.
Here are H and Z, with O.
Down the street there is a house that they painted to look like the movie "Up." Maybe we should have gone with these colors.
We love fall because all the farmer's markets open. There is much fruit to be eaten.
Here is Owen trying on his snow boots, just in case it happens to snow this year. Maybe not?
When my mom came, we took Owen to the Hogle Zoo. We were expecting greatness but all their animals were gone. Perhaps we saw 9 animals total.
Owen and Grandma Lou watching the monkeys.

The best part might have been the train ride at the end.
Owen heard wolf.

Next week hopefully we'll have more pictures of our home that will be DONE-ish and I shall include one photo of my round middle section.


  1. love the pictures! and love love love the kitchen stencil - you have great taste. i am so jealous of all the home things you get to do!

    super excited for you to have a girl. hopefully we will be in irvine at the same time one day ... maybe next summer?!

  2. Owen is getting so big! (Did I tell you I have an Owen in my second grade class? :)
    So fun! You're going to have a little girl! How exciting!! Glad you guys are doing good! Love the house.
    And our visit to H&M is still in the plans... they need to hurry and open soon! haha

  3. A girl! that is exciting. Dang the multi-colored house is sweet. reminds of some we saw in Mexico... I like how the house turned out but if you would have kept it the color they originally painted no one would get lost when trying to find your house... shame

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