Monday, May 16, 2011

Two years!

No Owen is just one but we've been married 2 YEARS now!! Crazy. I wasn't that stressed on the wedding day, sooo I remember almost everything. I do however remember that I didn't really like our photographer and now I can see why, with very few pictures to choose from. Tonight we are going to Texas Road House and then a movie. I'm kind of bummed that I feel so sick today, but being pregnant- you give up a few holidays or special days just wanting to barf. Cheers!

The Mettra kidlets
Coming out of the temples. Somehow Reuben still has keys, a phone, a wallet, and gum in his pockets.
Just sayin, "hi."
I want to hug the beach right now.
Us in Cancun looking like lamanites, too bad we don't sport these shades in Utah too often.
Cancun, let's go back!!!!!! Two years has gone by so fast. We are keeping busy and enjoying life. We have learned a lot about each other (probably really fast, seeing the fact that I was pregnant just a month after we got married) and have grown a lot. We are excited for what the future together brings. Love you babe!


  1. Congrats on two years and baby #2 on the way! That is so exciting! Clark and I will be in town June 9-15, so hopefully we'll be able to find a time to get together!

  2. I love that picture of you guys on the rock at the beach. That is very cool. Congrats again on your anniversary and babies!

  3. Um you look GORGEOUS in your wedding pics!!! Happy 2 years (and 2 babies...crazy!)

  4. hey i had the same photographer ... i agree - the pictures he did get are awesome but he forgot so many things so there aren't a lot of options!

    anyway ... yay for two years and baby number two on the way!

    I feel ya on the sickness ... although mine has been better for a few weeks now. I am 19 weeks and find out girl or boy next week! yay!

  5. Congrats on the baby #2!! and running a 1/2 marathon pregnant! Maybe this baby will be a girl and you won't be as sick as long??? So excited for you guys!