Sunday, March 20, 2011

The closing ceremonies

While in Irvine we got Owen's pictures taken, ate lots of good food, celebrated his birthday and went to Disneyland! There are also random pictures of other things we've been up to.

First off: Owen documented. My friend, Mike Smith took them. He lives in CA but he is always in Utah for business so if you want his number, I have it.

Now for Owen's 5th haircut. This time we got it done right so that it doesn't look like Edward Scissor hands did it.
Happy? Scared? Or just sad to lose some of his hair?

Next stop, Owen rides his first pony at Thanksgiving point. He is giving me the "look of death."

He didn't enjoy the thought of me leaving him on a pony and I didn't enjoy getting pony poop in my sandals- we got off early.

Now for Reuben's first trip to Disneyland.
We started things off with a quick trip back to the 80's with "Captain EO."
Then we went on the submarine ride which is now, "Finding Nemo."
Proof that we were both there.
After seeing that Star Tours was closed and picking up our Space Mountain fast pass, we headed to Fantasy Land, which didn't do much for Reuben because, he can count on one hand how many Disney movies he has seen.
We waited to go on Peter Pan which was my FAVORITE ride when I was little. This time it was shorter and things looked fake. I'm speechless, how did that happen?
Sheila's family came with us. Here is Noah letting us know that we have reached our photo limit.
Emma who knew the most popular rides and was indeed the Disney expert. Georgia was the photographer so there aren't any of her:(
Maia who's only requirement was, "Hold my hand," when going on the rides with her.
Indiana Jones, probably Reuben's favorite.

Tea cups, of course! The boys wussed out so just the girls did this one.

Did Space Mountain with the fast pass. Then headed to California Adventure after the fire works.
We were here for a short time, just to see "World of color" and go on one ride.

We LOVED the California sun.
Our last ride was "California Scream'n." It was super fun and most likely Reuben's favorite.
Walking to Hollywood blvd.

Reuben passed out.

It was A LOT of fun, until next year!


  1. So fun to be in Disneyland! I'm so jealous, that sounds like a blast.

    Your family pictures turned out awesome! I especially love the 4th one of just you and Owen. You look like a super model and Owen is just so dang adorable!

  2. I'm dying to go to disneyland! That looked like so much fun! And your little boy is so adorable!

  3. Love those pictures! Owen has the cutest smile!!!!