Monday, February 7, 2011

"Walk like a man"

This has been a fun week. Owen continues to destroy the house and wake us up before the sun comes up (5am). He has decided that he would like to try walking out. Here is a little proof of what we claim is happening.

First stop of the day, pull out all the wippies.

Almost done.

"Umm it wasn't me."

"If I say bad words later in life, know that I like the taste of soap, so you probably wont be able to punish me that way."

"Cleaning my gums."

"Ha wake up at 7am, HA!"


  1. i love the football bribe in the last video! i walked at 9 months so there's proof that walking early only leads to good things :) he's so cute.

  2. That is amazing!!!! Way to go Owen! Now the real fun begins :)

  3. can I just say that you have the cutest kid hermana!! SO ADORABLE!!!

  4. owen is such a cute little boy, i love all the pics and videos.

  5. Oh so cute Kira! We have one of those 5 AM waker-upers too...he's gotten better, so there is hope :) But some mornings Robbie were like, Are you serious!! Good thing he's so cute when he wakes up! Miss you guys!

  6. Owen is so adorable! Oh yes, the wipes! They never lose their fascination. Emma still eats them.