Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chillin with the babe

Okay one more blog of just Owen. The next one should feature Reuben and I who still do exist and Owen's newly painted room. Lucky us, Heather is going to come do a beach mural in his room. I might not ever leave the room. Since fall is coming we're going to start to design our home so we don't go nuts with all the white walls. You can look forward to pictures of our house soon.

Owen holds his own bottle now but has found his thumb, which works too.
Still growing more chins.
Here is his half smile, he's tired. Sunday's mess up his naps schedule.
When he sits next to me he likes to wrap his arm around mine.
Poor child. If his cheeks weren't so chubby, maybe this wouldn't happen. I blame him.
Getting ready to barf, again.


  1. So cute!!! I gotta come visit you guys one of these days! Let me know when's the best time : )

  2. Kira, he is SO cute! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see pics of your house too. Also, did you know we are going to move to SLC next year? Yep, that was the final decision. And I will have my own place! And we can hang out!!