Sunday, August 8, 2010

4 month mug shots

Hi my name is Owen Reuben Cook. I was born on April 7th, so that makes me 4 months now. I weigh about 13 lbs, almost 25 inches, and have 3 chins.
I like talking and laughing.
I enjoy the occasional dance but not too rough because my head is still hard for me to hold up.
I like to smile because smiling is my favorite.
I love my mom and dad.
They love me too!
I like my love sack.
To all my fans out there, good day to you!


  1. Kira what an adorable little boy you have!! I can't wait til Landon is that cubby! Ha... he's so sweet! I'm glad things are going well! We'll have to all get together soon.. when Landon's a little older! Love you!-Kelsie