Friday, June 11, 2010

Being dedicated

Sooo this week I haven't gone to the pool to get my "vitamin D," I've been trying to finish this English class that has taken much too much time to finish. The plan is: JUNE- finish English, JULY-finish the CNA, and then SEPTEMBER- take the translating course so I can translate in the hospital. This all means that Owen and I have had many photo shoots. They're all random, so enjoy. Next post should include pictures of Reuben and I, we still exist.

Ummm he's cute
Bath time! I leave him in the tub for a while so as to prepare him for his future in swimming and beach adventures.
Owen sleeps with his arms down at his side. Funny baby.
After a good workout he likes to show off his muscles.
If you feed him RIGHT before you leave, he's a great traveler.
Play time. He loves to hit these with his long arms.
His mug shot.
He's trying to hit the camera.
I think he has only gained weight in his cheeks.


  1. Owen is so freaken cute!!!! and yes...we were together in Dalton during the world cup- we actually had dinner at the Batchelors when Italy and Germany played- I think? haha good times... oh the rainstorm- i was thinking about that day the other day- we got drenched!! i miss dalton!

  2. Wow...How fun Kira. He is getting so grown-up. What a handsome little guy! Thanks for sharing the random photos...their the best! xoxo Love you!