Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hospital sleepovers and more!

Owen sure is a cute little babe. When my sisters came they dressed him up daily.

He lets you do whatever you want to him and never cries:)
Owen went to Grandma Gin's house and hung out with her bears
This is Owen and Grandma Lou
This is us trying to wake him up out of a coma to try and feed him

Owen and Grandma Gin, he really does like her but he was ticked here.
We went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. Reuben is trying to shield him from the sun. I don't think Reuben knows how much I love the sun, we could have some issues this summer!
Then Owen got sick. On Monday he went to the ER in Riverton and then to the doctor's during the week. On Friday we went to kids care and then on to Primary Children's Hospital. Those little bandaids were to hold on his oxygen lines that they gave him. We took him in because he squeaks when he breaths, he sounded like he had his lungs full of junk, and he wouldn't eat because he couldn't swallow the acid that was coming up from his stomach, breath, and eat at the same time.
We stayed there from Friday until Sunday evening. Reuben and I shared this lil bed/chair of sorts.

Here is Owen with some of the leads on him, his O2 monitor, but with out his O2 on his face
And then he proved to the doctors that he was going to be fine on his own and we went home to sleep. Final diagnosis: Horrible reflux that shoots up to his vocal cords and makes his squeak a little and Tracheomalacia. He will one day grow out of both of these. For now he sleeps like a champ, eats every 2.5 hours (which means I have to pump ALL THE TIME), and he has to sleep and eat sitting straight up. He's doing well, he now weighs 7.4 LBS.


  1. How scary to have to go to the hospital with such a small baby! I'm glad it turned out okay!

  2. He is way too cute! I'm glad you figured out what was wrong. At least it is something he can grow out of. See you tomorrow!

  3. It is the saddest thing to take your child to the hospital. He is such a champ. Can't wait to have my turn to hold him.

  4. Kira, my heart hurts for you guys. It is so scary and worrisome to have a sick baby. I am so glad to hear he is doing better! I love you!

  5. You are seasoned parents already. I was staying at my sister Anne's when we had the same symptoms with her little baby Lucy. She was very weazy with her breathing so we took her to the ER. I hated watching all of the pricks and tape they put on, that does not come off very easily. But they gave her something like baby Prilosec. Glad he is doing better!

  6. Even with all the cords, he's a cutie! Miss him already.

  7. I'm sorry you've had to do all the hospital stays. That is no fun with a newborn! We had to take Emma to the hospital for an overnighter when she was a week old and I was crying all the way there. I'm glad you were able to figure out what was wrong. Owen is a cutie! There will be a lot of us fighting over him in June!