Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in CA

Our Christmas festivities started off with Reuben going to the emergency room for stitches. He was trying to hurry and come pick me up for work when he hit his head on the door. I saw his skull and there was lots of blood! He got 10 stitches which he is showing off in many of the pictures, please note. We went to CA for Christmas to spend time with my fam., we even found time to visit the animals at the San Diego Zoo!
Brek and I sipping hot Chocolate. I need to be off chocolate!
The whole Mettra family
Christmas pajamas! Jenna and Zach are wearing onesies if you were wondering
Reuben is the Mad Hatter and I'm chinese, Merry Christmas
Baby and Reuben got matching shoes!
Now it's zoo time! Your neighborhood camel.
'Lil baby giraffe
These rhinos were going to the bathroom every five minutes. We probably shouldn't have watched them for as long as we did.
Reuben in the morning. Love you:)
This lion was ticked! I thought for sure he was going to eat us.
Rule number 1: blowing warm air on a pregnant lady's face will never get you a cute picture
Most of the fam. after seeing the most uncomfortable performance to date.

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  1. Oh no we should have seen each other. But you were probably booked with your awesome family. It looks like you had a great time. Poor Reuben stitches are not fun. I have got to get out to UT soon to see you and your cute new home.