Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving in Irvine

While we were home, we went to the Newport Beach temple. First time we have been back since we got married.
It was a nice 74 degrees on Thanksgiving and we had it outside. Here is my whole family.
Shelli and I whipped up some Christmas magic and decorated this gingerbread house. One of the best I've made.
The backside
A close up.
We went to Fashion Island to see the BIG Christmas tree. Which was real yet not as big as I remembered- must be budget cuts.
If we're ever homeless, this is where I'm going to set up shop. I already told Reuben the plan.
Nice picture at sunset even if I'm leaning over, feeling a little top heavy these days.
The camera is blurry because of the lighting but nonetheless- it was NICE!
Shelli and I

Another one of us, I couldn't get the angle right. I guess there is no hiding my now jolly figure:)

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  1. Looks like you were in Corona del Mar, I would be homeless with you if we could stay there. I was hoping you were going to CA for Christmas. And you do not have a jolly figure at all. But if you did, you should enjoy it and not stress. It is the one time you are luckily supposed to.