Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of a kind

So unlike most of America, I was still a Michael Jackson fan. I was kind of sad on Thursday when I found out that he died. I remember dancing to his music, watching Moonwalker, and his music videos when I was little. It's amazing that every song was had a different sound to it and an amazing music video. In my opinion regardless of how he acted as he grew older, he was just a guy who tried to show the world love- a love he never got growing up. He lived a very lonely life and I'm glad he's in a place where he is accepted and people love him. There will never be another singer who will have as much success as he did.

His dancing ability was remarkable as well as some of his legendary moves such as the moon walk. I will confess that I did watch all his music videos on Friday and I have been listening to his music this past weekend. I remain a big fan:)

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  1. I had to tell the boys he may have changed over the years (and by change I mean looks) but that doesn't mean he was any less of an artist. He was amazingly talented. Time to put on mj again.